Posted by: citizenroe | October 31, 2009

Stalling Healthcare Reform

What is it with the Democrats in the Senate? It’s as though Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh, and Mary Landrieu want their moment in the spotlight or else! Or else what? Would any of them really have the cajones (that’s Tex-Mex for gonads) to vote against ending a filibuster? Will any one of them vote against the plan itself?

I don’t think any will ultimately join the filibustering “Party of No” as they’ve been called lately. But it seems a bit like a child’s game where, in turn, each obscure ConservaDem takes their moment to shine or they threaten to kill healthcare reform.

Are Democrats more clever than we think? Amid complaints that Republicans are stalling, this could be a way of creating a show for and by Democrats. Perhaps they have decided to grab all the attention by creating these false controversies, with no room left for the real opposition? It would be cunning politics if this were actually the case.

Lieberman should be stripped of his chairman-ship and kicked out of the Democratic Caucus. He is certainly Independent, but not in the manner one would admire. He is independent in the way a mercenary or prostitute might be – going wherever the money or power is when it suits him. Harry Reid needs to give him the boot and move on with the real Dems.



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